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“As Director of the Deerfield Youth Program, I would like to thank the  organization and staff for an outstanding program.  Families from Deerfield were given XC ski instructions, equipment and an on the spot clinic. Once all of us were comfortable in our skis, we were given a guided tour along the trails at Breia (BROEP ). This event was a positive experience, one which we hope to do again in the future.” – Karen Day, Youth Director, Town of Deerfield    

“My wife and I made our first trip to Boonville on Jan 31, 2014 and skied the Jackson Hill  area.  Trails, weather and conditions were fantastic.  Your staff was exceedingly helpful to us and they di a wonderful job with a school group that was also there that day.  Congratulations on setting aside and preserving such an invaluable resource.  We will be back and soon!” – Rich and Sarah, visitors to BROEP

“It exposes them to outdoor life and gives them a chance to get away from the electronic world, the texting, the gaming, and all that.” – Dick Hubalek, Local Resident

“The kids all were made to feel they did a great job.” – Lowville School 

“The best part of the trip was getting the kids outdoors and being active.” – Poland School

“The students learned a great deal about snowshoeing and the environment.” – New York Mills School

“The best part of the trip was watching the kids enjoy something they hadn’t done before.”                        – Cooperstown School

“The guides were wonderful at explaining interesting points of interest.”  – Lowville School

“Great to get the kids outside and get physical activity.” – Carthage Middle School

“The best part of the trip was learning together as a group, students and teachers alike.” – Lowville School

“The staff [was] awesome, helpful, and knowledgeable about gear and directions.”  – Clinton Middle School

“All was enjoyable.  The instructors were helpful and helped the children enjoy the entire time.  Everyone left with a positive experience and they commented on how much they love skiing.”– Clinton Elementary School



BROEP Staff Testimonials


“Nature is surrounded by smiles and laughter… I am surrounded by smiles and laughter.  I am truly thankful to be part of such a beautiful program.  Every day we inspire these students as much as they inspire us.”       

– Lisa George, Office Manager, Chief Staff Administrator & Metrics Administrator 

“BROEP creates a culture of individuals that choose to be active and want to protect the environment.”

– Elaine Hage, Senior Coach 

“What a great opportunity for students to visit BREOP to either bike, hike, kayak, snowshoe or cross-country ski.  Students mention what a unique and rewarding experience they had, and they are so eager to repeat the experience with family and friends.”

– Cynthia Damsky, Scheduling Coordinator 

“What motivates me to be a part of this program is the challenge of giving each student the best possible experience they can have being active outdoors.”

– Mike Millich, Site Manager & Coach 

“The atmosphere is so exhilarating.  The students and teachers that we encounter are so positive and truly enjoy coming to BROEP.”

– Mary Ellen Bennett, Site Manager & Coach

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