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We are now actively scheduling for our SPRING 2019 program.  Program starts on MAY 13th and runs through June 21st.  Book your Hiking, Biking, or Snow Shoeing trip with us today.

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Adirondack Hiking Experience


Grades 5-6

Black River Outdoor Education Program’s latest addition to its curriculum is the Adirondack Hiking Experience (AHE).  Designed to expand upon Potato Hill Farm’s hands on approach to the Natural History Tour through the flat terrain of our fields, bog, fen, and young conifer forests.  Grades three and four’s Farm Experience continues by meeting our alpaca, sheep, cows, goats and going on a horse driven carriage ride.  The AHE now takes grades five and six into more remote old growth forests teaching them the foundations of what it means to be responsible hikers deep in the heart of the Adirondacks.  
The AHE showcases the Black River Forest with its beautiful lodge nestled deep in a prehistoric kettle surrounded by 1300’ high escarpments and 8 miles of trails.  Hiking out of the kettle to 1300’ along boulder ridge and plunging 300’ down to the Creekside Trail following Woodhull Creek is a worthwhile physical challenge for these students.  Opportunities for great views will certainly provide chance encounters with wildlife.  Lessons include trail etiquette, outdoor safety and environmental stewardship that will impress their parents.

The second campus BROEP showcases with the AHE is Jackson Hill Telemark.  Here, students enjoy the remote Telemark Lodge.  The telemark field has expansive views of the Adirondacks and the chance to hike down 300’ gullies where wildlife flourishes.  Porcupine, deer, rich bird life, and an abundance of flora and fauna will increase student’s desire for returning to the outdoors.

The Adirondack Hiking Experience is clearly the next step for the students of BROEP as we prepare them to participate in the Biking and Kayaking programs in their upcoming years.

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